How to find Photography Coupons for On-Demand Online Courses

Looking for photography coupons to save money on online photography courses? A great way to expand and advance your photography skills is with online education.

At you can save up to 20% on all online photography courses. This kelbyone coupon I have used to purchase the annual plan, provided me on demand videos and saved me almost $40! Here’s what you get:

Portrait photography

Learn everything about portraiture and how to become a great portrait photographer. Expand your knowledge in cameras, lenses, accessories, lighting, and composition techniques. Also, discover the best settings either you work indoors in a photo studio or outdoors in a big field.

Sports photography

Become a specialist in action photography. Learn how to take great basketball shots, soccer, baseball, football and many more. Understanding the settings and how to use your camera to take action shots is really important.

Astro photography

The night sky always fascinated me especially to capture the Milky Way. Have you ever thought how to find and capture the Milky Way? Everything in photography is about location and lighting. The more you plan before a photoshoot, the better your photos will be.

Commercial photography

Everything nowadays is about sales and if you can take great photos of products, you will become a valuable photographer for the marketplace. Learn how to shoot products at home or a photo studio. Increase your knowledge in lenses, lighting techniques and using a flash.

Real estate photography

In real estate it’s all about the lenses you use and the setting in your camera. Find out which lenses produce the best results and create sharp images from corner to corner. Those lenses might be a expensive but with the information given on those courses you will be able to find them used in a very good condition.

Photoshop & Lightroom education

Even if you have never used any photo editing app before, those courses will guide you step-by-step on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. These programs are the most popular in the photography world for photo editing. They both let you increase the quality of your images and also become creative by adding elements in your shots.

On demand courses

Online education had become very simple. All you have to do is sign-up, pay a yearly subscription after you use your coupon and voila, you have a full database with more than 800+ online courses in a form of video and sound. You can also download the mobile app and continue your education on the way.

More benefits

Beside the unlimited access to all those online courses you can get extra training tools, exclusive member discounts for camera gear and lenses, digital eBooks and magazines, tutorials and Lightroom presets and filters to use on your photos.


Photography coupons can help you save on your education. Also, having access to so many online photography courses is priceless. Paying a professional photographer to teach you photography could cost you the least $50 per hour! Think about it. It will really be useful to you if you get the annual subscription.

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